An assortment of Robot hair clips.

An assortment of Robot hair clips.

Robot Haus hair accessories! I have been making lots of dangly charms for hair elastics these days. They can be worn as a bracelet, or to hold your hair up!

Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination.”

Painted with love for my sister & her wife for their wedding.

Sneak previews of the Robot Haus accessories I’m making.

I’ll be selling these (& more!) at the next Robot Haus event on Nov 3rd :)

Hair clip I made for my friend’s birthday gift :) It looks way cuter on her!!!

I’m 22 and I still play with coloring books.

Earrings I made. You may recognize the eyes from Futurama!


Almost done :) 

Inspired by poi - movement. 

Latest on the commission. 

Commission for a friend; color to be added!

24 Hour Drawing

Draw for 24 hours straight. No sleeping, eating, no drugs etc. 6ft x 6ft. It’s as ridiculous as it sounds. I’m happy to say I did it, except for that accidental 20 minutes or so that I passed out after finishing the crop circles (9 - 10 hours).

Mediums: Pencil, markers, highlighter, pastel, glitter paint, and pen.  

Inspired by music.

"Brain Waves"

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long!

I made a couple murals over winter break. I think of them as “Brain Waves.” I plan on making a large picture post to show both paintings from start to finish. Working on collecting all the photos. For now, enjoy a shot of me with the final result!

Acrylic & Black light reactive paint :)